I’m sitting at my computer, surrounded by my two pre-teen sons and one son who is now officially a teen, two of their friends, and three barking dogs. Buddy, my miniature dachshund, doesn’t like anyone, so he’s the one barking. All right, to be fair to Buddy, he’s the king of the castle and these friends have invaded his territory, so he thinks he needs to protect what is his. The other two dogs are babies (both less than a year old), and they bark because Buddy barks. My house is never quiet, except at night when the kids are in bed. That is my time. I write when the hum of the dryer sings through the walls and the dishwasher sloshes and cleans and my husband snores away the night. Occasionally, one of the dogs will come over to me, nudge my leg with a cold nose, and after my pat and a kiss, goes back to his sleeping spot.

“I write when the hum of the dryer sings through the walls and the dishwasher sloshes and cleans and my husband snores away the night.”

Before the year 2000, I wrote my first novel. I had always been a reader, snatching up a little time here and there to finish a good book. I majored in English in college, so writing was second nature to me. But after I sat in front of the computer and whipped out a romance in three weeks, I knew I needed to hone my writing skills.  Over the course of several years, I attended many writers conferences to learn from The Published and to meet editors and agents. I bought several (translation: “many, many”) books on writing and studied them. I sent that first manuscript to an agent, and she offered to represent me. Then God blessed my husband and me with three little gifts: two babies in diapers and a 3-year-old. We adopted them, and our boys are now 10, 11, and 13. I’m a home schooling mom who feels a deep commitment to “my second batch” (I have two grown sons). After years of being “just a mom” and after all the hours and hours (weeks, months, years) of writing, I am now a published author!  Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb? is the first book in the Brothers of Texas series.


When Marianne inherits her uncle’s remote Texas ranch, she is hopeful that she can escape her past and begin a new life. But hope turns to fear as she faces a terrible truth: she inherited danger. She is terrorized by an unknown enemy. Mac, a neighboring rancher, tells her of three unsolved murders over seventeen years, including her uncle. When she starts asking questions, she becomes the prey of ruthless people who want their deadly secrets to remain buried. Mac will stop at nothing to help the woman he’s grown to love—but will he be able to save her life?

Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb? is available now on Amazon.com in e-book and paperback.