My first novel launched last Friday, and I have mixed emotions. There is relief, yes, after all the years of hard work learning the craft of writing and publishing my first novel. But mixed in with all the Snoopy dances and the giggles and the sense of pride at finishing something that I’d worked hard on for a long time, there was something that surprised me–a feeling of loss, believe it or not. I’m finished with “Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb?” now. That book has been with me, in one form or another, for a long, long time. An old friend. The characters in the book have become cherished, old friends.  I can re-visit them at any time. That’s the nice part. AND…I will see them again in the two books following.

It’s a happy time for me. Being a new published author isn’t the end; it’s the beginning. And I’m so excited about what is coming down the pike! In June, the 2nd book in this trilogy will be published. In September, the 3rd book. Still a lot to do. Still a lot to dream.  Still a lot to write!