Time really does fly when you’re busy! Besides writing, three boys, and life in general, two things keeping me busy lately are Frisky and Buddy, our two smaller dogs. They’ve been getting out of the back yard. Buddy’s the digger, of course, as a miniature dachshund, and Frisky just follows him through the hole he’s dug. Frisky’s body is about the same size as Buddy’s, long and lean. But Frisky’s legs are four times longer. This morning, for the first time, Frisky jumped over our fence. Then he ran around to the front of the house and wanted back in. We walked around the back yard, searching the perimeter for his means of escape. Not one hole could we find.

Then, he got out again. We walked the perimeter again to find his escape pod and didn’t see one.

Hmmm…. we walked it again. Didn’t find a hole. So I looked behind a tree and a shed in the corner of our yard. Both actually hide the corner. One gargantuan limb is very low to the ground, so I ducked and went under. There in the corner, I noticed that the land goes up at the fence line and to fly over the fence would be easy for Frisky. So I let him out in the back yard. Sure enough, he went straight there, and before I could even get down the steps, he was on the other side. Just glanced at me and stood there, like, “Now what do I do?” Well, he left, that’s what he did.

After about twenty minutes of hoping he’d come home, we got in the car and searched for him around our very quiet neighborhood. Frisky was nowhere to be seen. We drove home, and there he was, waiting for us in the driveway. We opened the car door, he jumped in, and I held him and took him inside. The back door was open, but he didn’t go outside. I watched. And waited. And watched. About ten minutes later, he went to the back yard and headed straight for the same spot. But, in the meantime, I had wedged a huge folded box into the tree and the fence; it covered the entire area where he was getting out. He came out from the corner, looked at me, and started walking the perimeter for another place to get out.

But, hey, I stopped him this time. Score one for the human.