Ah, the words of summer. Hot. Pool. Sweat. Running. Napping. Swimming. Fishing. RVing. Vacation. But there’s one term I dread more than any other, even ‘mosquitos’–or ‘skeeters’ as we call them here in east Texas:

Camping out in someone’s back yard.

Y’see? I understand the lure of my three boys wanting to sleep under the stars. Building a camp fire. Telling ghost stories. Being afraid of a sound and then laughing themselves silly for being afraid. Roasting hot dogs. Roasting marshmallows. Eight scrunched together in two three-person tents. Root beer. Pop tarts. Oreo cookies. A great night of memory making.

So, I get it. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? For the boys, it probably is.

But I’m a mother. This is the first campout together for my three boys, with about five more boys around the same age. They’re all probably asleep by now. It’s 2:09 in the morning, for heaven’s sake, and I’m wide awake. My imagination is running wild. They’re out in a field, for heaven’s sake. What if snakes are already out and about, with all the warm weather we’ve been having? It’s only March, for heaven’s sake, and our trees are already leafing (is that a word?), the grass is green, the dogwoods are in bloom, as are the redbuds. It’s beautiful. But what about my boys, out in that field? Are snakes out yet? Are the boys too cool, with the nighttime temp at 60? Did one of my boys have on shorts, sleeping out there? The weather report said there was a 20% chance of drizzle. I didn’t even know anyone could forecast drizzlefor heaven’s sake! And two of my boys forgot their pillows. Will they come home with cricks in their necks? Oh, and talk about the aftermath! Grouchy, grumbling, complaining, sleepy boys are going to be in my house in the morning!

But…okay. So they’ll also be laughing and telling me all kinds of stories about what happened and maybe a grump or a growl will slip out during the day. I can take it. But right now, I’m tired. And, okay, I’m getting a little grouchy. And I have nothing like the excuse they’ll have in the morning. It is no fun sitting at home, worrying. So I’m taking my tired self to bed. I have no real hope of falling asleep. It’s supposed to drizzle, for heaven’s sake! What if they get wet?