During the day, my house is never quiet. Boys and dogs make it wonderfully loud.

But right now, the boys are at church [I hurt my back wrestling dogs in my front yard a few days ago], the dogs are exhausted after a playful day and are asleep, and the only sounds are the air conditioner coming on, an occasional bird singing out back, the hum of my desktop computer, and my fingers on the keyboard.

At times like this, I try to contemplate the important things of life. But all I can think of is, “What should I do be doing?” Oh, that’s an easy one: laundry, putting the dishes away, clearing the Legos off the dining room table, sweeping the floors (the dogs always bring in dirt from the back yard where Buddy, our mini dachshund, has dug holes), reading a good book, watching tv, folding clothes, checking to see if the washer actually spun (spinned?) this load, etc. You get the picture. But here I sit, doing nothing but this.

Or I could go outside on the porch with a cup of coffee and just listen to all the sounds of the back yard. Oh, that’s a great idea! So, I’ll go out there for a little while. And then I’ll pick up the boys from church. The noise will be back. But that’s a good thing, isn’t it? No, it’s a wonderful thing.