So many thoughts are going through my head today. After years of writing, my first novel is now, today, published on Amazon.  You might think that I’m doing Snoopy dances and giggling a lot today. No, I did that yesterday… 🙂 I’m a little pensive today, hoping for a good reception of my work. I’ve already received four Amazon reviews from people who purchased the book early, and they were thrilling reviews! Check out what they had to say under “Reviews”.

Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb? is the first of at least three books. The fourth book hasn’t been written yet; I’m pondering over writing Patrick’s story (if you read Brigitt, then you’ll know who this is). For now, the Brothers of Texas series is a trilogy. It is romantic suspense–mostly suspense, with a little romance. Here is the description for Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb:

When Marianne inherits her uncle’s remote ranch and arrives to claim her inheritance, she hopes to begin a new life far from the unhappiness in her past. She quickly learns that she can’t escape from trouble—she is shot at, stalked, and terrorized by unknown enemies. Mac, owner of a neighboring ranch, tells Marianne about three unsolved murders over the last seventeen years, including her uncle. Despite the threats to her life, Marianne decides to stay and find out who is targeting her and why, drawing the attention of ruthless people who want their deadly secrets to remain buried. The past crashes with a vengeance into her present. Her brutal enemies close in. Mac will stop at nothing to protect her—but will he be able to save her life?

Today’s the day!  Okay, so I giggled again. And here comes another Snoopy dance!