Here are some wonderful reviews from verified purchasers and Facebook!

  • “I haven’t stayed up all night reading in years!!! Who killed Brigitt Holcomb? is one of the most captivating books I’ve read. Your profile of each character was right on and never wavered. The story line transistioned smoothly from one event to another, without getting bogged down, leading up to the surprise ending. With a family as large as the McKenzie family, you’d be able to provide numerous new books for years to come. Excitedly waiting for the next book and the next and the next… “[Posted on Facebook]
  • “It was wonderful. Just the kind of book I enjoy reading. Thought I had it figured out and bam! Loved it!” [Posted on Facebook]
  • 5 stars! “Just finished my first read of this book. It was full of suspense. Plot twists I never expected. Loved, loved, loved it. Plan to reread — and to anxiously await release of subsequent books by this author. Highly recommend.”
  • “Where can I get a hard copy with your autograph? I love this book. Can’t hardly put it down. I limit myself to a chapter a day to make it last longer. So excited you have another one coming out.”  [Posted on Facebook.]
  • 5 stars! “Loved this book! Very easy, fast paced reading. Never a dull moment. I cannot wait for book 2 in this series.”
  • 5 stars! “A very good book! Enjoyed reading. Good storyline with good plot twists and a surprise ending.”
5 Stars!
“What a wonderful book by first time author Tamara Cooper. I was totally engaged from beginning to end. Had to stay up late and get up early but i just had to finish this great romp through the panhandle of Texas. Family secrets abound and folks you know and trust are not always what they seem. I am going to look around for MY stalking horse, and when you finish this book, you will too!! Oh yeah… could not find a single typo. WOW.”
  • 5 Stars!   “Well-written mystery novel, which transported me to an authentic working Texas ranch, with honest-to- goodness Texas ranchers and jargon, plot twists I couldn’t anticipate, romance, and a surprise ending that ’bout blew my sox off. Tamara G Cooper took me on a roller coaster of emotions: anxiety, anger, loss, romance, love, fear, skepticism, and finally reconciled it all into a much-needed peace. A great read.”
  • 5 Stars!   “Loved the book. Very well written!!”
  • 4 Stars!   “I liked everything about it. Rarely does a “who dun it” surprise me and this one did. Very well written and almost poetic in places. For instance Tamara wrote, “Clouds opened up, letting the sunshine out.” I really enjoyed her character development too, they all seemed right on. There were a couple gaps in continuity but the story line still worked. All in all I give it a very strong four stars, it held my interest through the entire book, and I can’t wait for the next one to come out; I’m sure it will be even better. I will recommend this book to everyone I know.”
  • “SO……when is Book 2 coming out? I think I need to slow down, speed up, no slow down, I LOVE it! Waiting impatiently for Book 2!”  [Posted on Facebook. ]