Rosie Won’t Stay Dead 

Brothers of Texas, Book Two

Luke McKenzie needs a break from ranching and dealing with his father’s unsolved murder. He heads to the Colorado Rockies for a month of hiking alone. Sarah Morgan wants to learn to live without fear after a vicious assault changed everything for her. She travels to the Rockies to hike in the hopes of recapturing the person she used to be. But… a very dangerous man has other plans for them.

Who Killed Brigitt Holcomb?      

Brothers of Texas, Book One


“This book was so mesmerizing that I couldn’t put it down. The mystery of the death of a teenage girl has never been solved. After reading most of the book, I had assumed the killer could have [been] any of the unique characters in the book. It is a nail biting ride of fear, trust, love and unbelievable surprises. It is a must-read, with so many complex characters that you feel you know them in real life. Lots of poignant and scary encounters. You want to find out “who done it” as soon as possible. However, the story is so much like life–unpredictable, and funny, too.”

When Marianne inherits her uncle’s remote Texas ranch, she is hopeful that she can escape her past and begin a new life. But hope turns to fear as she faces a terrible truth: she inherited danger. She is terrorized by an unknown enemy. Mac, a neighboring rancher, tells her of three unsolved murders over seventeen years, including her uncle. When she starts asking questions, she becomes the prey of ruthless people who want their deadly secrets to remain buried. Mac will stop at nothing to help the woman he’s grown to love—but will he be able to save her life?

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